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Clocks And Watches

Some Options In Clocks And Watches

When looking back at the history of timekeeping throughout mankind's history, there is a huge and vast amount of information and items to see and learn from. The clocks and watches of today are as varied as individuals and they all serve a purpose and fill a niche. In the category of home use, you can choose from everything from an alarm clock or children's clock that may cost you just a few dollars and be fabricated from plastics, all the way up to a very expensive antique grandfather clock or a vintage Omega watch that must be insured for thousands of dollars.

The wearing of a timepiece on the wrist leaves the realm of decor and enters the realm of jewelry as the pieces being worn are now able to be coordinated with the wearer's entire outfit. There are watches that are small and delicate with jewels and elegant square faces and there are large, chunky sport watches with a variety of dials and underwater capabilities. The clocks and watches available to today's consumer run the gamut from A to Z and include all possible permutations of each letter in between.

In the worlds of art and history, clocks and watches are a rich and varied topic on which to base an exhibition. There are places where an afternoon can be spent as you glance at your daily wear watch and gaze upon history's artifacts of the measure of time throughout the ages.

Watches are fashion statements and practical time measuring devices and the watches for the blind are purely functional with a minimum of styling since the user will be gathering the information from the braille dial that can be read when the hinged crystal is opened.

Antique clocks and watches fill another niche for collectors or decorators who have a room filled with unique and valuable items for a client. The antique watch can be often an heirloom that was passed down from relatives and the sentimental value can equal or exceed the monetary one. This mix of the practical with the aesthetic is the source of the strong appeal the timepieces have for so many.

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Quartz Movements - How do They Work?

By David Nivala
Quartz movements in watches have only been used for about fifty years. They made timepieces, both clocks and watches much more affordable and accurate in many cases. There is also no need to "wind up" these devices.

Training Your Intuition

By Mathew Martin
The Intuition is not simply a faculty of the intellect as some people have assumed, where a person taps into his or her deep subconscious. It is an innate ability of the soul, whereby we hear the voice of the Creator, guiding our lives.

A Brief History of Seiko Watches

By John P Stevens
When it comes to fashion and luxury, people generally consider only women to care about these things. The truth is that men also have some wearable fashion and luxury items. Wristwatches are considered as men's jewellery and thus there are hundreds of prestigious companies manufacturing wristwatches, which are stylish and precious in terms of money value.

Self Resetting Digital Atomic Wall Clocks and Watches are Technologically Advanced

By Steve Evans
Digital Atomic Wall Clocks and Watches have been around for a while but they are also technologically highly sophisticated. You should consider these clocks, and don't be concerned about the term 'atomic'. They do not emit radiation. All is explained in this article.

Who Uses Atomic Clocks?

By Richard N Williams
From satellite navigation to the NTP time server, atomic clocks are used the world over. We are all used to our watches and clocks running a minute or two fast or slow. However, the odd minute doesn't affect our lives too much and we can get by. However, for some technologies and applications a far greater level of accuracy is needed. Atomic clocks are the most precise time keeping devices on earth. They were invented over fifty years ago when it was discovered that the oscillations of certain atoms at particular energy levels never altered and vibrated at such a high frequency (over 9 trillion times each second for caesium).

Clocks And Watches | Antique Wall Clocks | Horton's Antique Clocks | Albert's Antique Clocks | Children's Clock | Antique Pocket Watches | Vintage Omega Watches | Howard Miller Clocks | Croton Watches | Used Rolex Watches